Nothing Feels as good as Knowing you earned it

Lady/22/Biomedicine. Was in desperate need of a change & decided to start with herself, her mind and her body.

I do CrossFit 6 times a week and I love it <3


hbowens said: Man. That sounds so good, and so bad all at the same time. Love it.

Pretty much :) xoxo

Todays WOD!


1 max back squad


AMRAP 8min.

9 Deadlift

9 ringdips

AMRAP 7min.

12 Push Press

14 KettleBell swings 


500m row

30 Knees to Elbox

30 GHD sit-ups 

Boston Strong!

Small talk does not work with some girls, specially me!

I know, I’m not a normal girl. Please don’t try to have small talk with me through here, it sucks and makes me feel so uncomfortable :(

I know I sound like a bitch, I am not. But so many of you try to talk to me by doing this and I don’t find it very captivating. Just say hi and introduce yourself or something. Only one guy know’s how to do this in here… Nick!!!

Sorry tho :( xoxo 

Cindy!! 12rounds

+ 6 min. Tabata Abs

+ 26 weighted squats

Please, please come and save me
Tell me what’s wrong with my brain
Cause I seem to have lost it

I hate how a place you feel so good in can have so trashy people!

The best Coach at my Box, a guy I find to be a good friend of mine, just messaged me. He tells me that he wasn’t going to work at the our gym anymore and that he wanted me to hear it first from him before people started to talk about it this week. Apparently,he was fired by a text message by the owners assistant saying “we can’t have you anymore, come pick up your check on monday” The reason?!? He was training too much at other boxes!!!

WTF?!? This is fucking CrossFit! Aren’t we suppose to be a huge community of people that share the same interest? He likes to train with friends from other boxes, what’s the fucking problem? I hate this because everyone seems so nice, but they are shit! You do not do that to your best fucking Coach, just because! Not a week notice, you are fired today, jobless! 

Do not put a trashy name on my beautiful community!! 

No, but seriously… I wanna try Zumba for cardio!!